Starting in June I have had the fantastic opportunity to work on the Embroider Initiative. This programme was put together by my employer, Mainmatter and backed by some awesome companies (and even an individual) who want to see the Ember ecosystem succeed. The goal of the initiative is to get Embroider, the new build system for Ember apps, over the line and make it the default for every new Ember app. To read more about the Embroider Initiative you can check out the page on the Mainmatter website that goes into more detail.

You can track some of the progress with our GitHub Project in the embroider-build org but this post will link to a weekly update of the progress being made. If you want to keep up with my progress as part of the Embroider Initiative, you can bookmark this page or follow the RSS feed for the blog.

Note: Week 1 would have been the first full week that I started working on Embroider full time which was the week starting 2023-06-05